Sanjivani Smaran 2k23

Reflecting on the incredible moments of interaction with the esteemed alumni at Sanjivani Smaran 2k23, our Alumni Reunion held on 23rd and 24th December 2023!
A heartfelt thank you to Hon. Shri Nitindada Kolhe, Chairman of Sanjivani Group of Institutes, and Hon. Shri Amitdada Kolhe, Managing Trustee of Sanjivani Group of Institutes, for orchestrating this memorable event. Your visionary leadership and commitment to fostering a strong Sanjivani community shine through in the success of Sanjivani Smaran 2k23.
The reunion was filled with laughter, reminiscing about old times, and forging new connections. It was a testament to the enduring bonds formed during our time at Sanjivani. The spirit of camaraderie and shared experiences resonated throughout the event, making it a truly special occasion.
As we continue to cherish the memories created at Sanjivani Smaran 2k23, let’s look forward to more opportunities to connect, grow, and celebrate our shared journey.