Department of Zoology

About the Department

The Department of Zoology established a student’s club i.e. Zoo buddies club for the better understanding, creating interest and motivating the students through the guidance related to various project like Apiculture, Fishery, Sericulture, goat farm, organic farming, vermicomposting, bio control agent, and research work going on different subject like mosquito control, non-insect pest control and bio control etc. The head and the staff of the Department have motivated the students for different project work, curricular and co-curricular activities for their development. Overall, the college has a good environment; there is scope for the growth of students. Teachers also supported to the student in different programs and activity. Overall college staff and teachers encourage the student to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities for their development.


The global improvement of the students, through moral and scientific educational practices


  • To impart universal perception and skills among students that benefit humanity.
  • To improvise knowledge and skills in zoological science
  • To develop the attitude of the students to concentrate on applied science aspects

 Goals and Objectives

  • To expose students to the field of Life sciences through projects on Vermicomposting, Beekeeping, bio-pesticide, biological control. It will help to create awareness on environment friendly technologies.
  • To create environment conservation awareness through field visits.
  • We strictly observe the teaching schedule, timely conduct of examinations, preparing teaching plans and its implementation, Departmental meetings of teaching staff.
  • To motivate students to conduct seminars, workshops on the topics included in the curriculum. It will help in achieving academic excellence.