Induction Training Program For BBA-IB

Department of BBA-IB has organized 1 Week Induction program for FYBBA-IB students Batch 2018-2021 from 3 to 7 July 2018
the training has included 5 days which covers all aspects of student development and involvement .
The goals and objectives of New Student Orientation are:
• To introduce students to college services which will support their educational and personal goals (ex. library, information technology, academic and student services departments).
•To facilitate initial academic advisement, course selection, and registration.
•To familiarize students with the campus environment and physical facilities.
•To create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes, and stimulates an excitement for learning.
•To provide a welcoming atmosphere for students and families to meet faculty, staff, and continuing students, as well as other new students.
• To provide the families of new students comprehensive information about the academic and student service resources and programs.
• To provide employment, leadership, and learning opportunities for continuing students as pack leaders, through selection, training, and supervision.
The learning outcomes derived from the goals and objectives are:
• Students will be introduced to college services that will support their educational and personal goals.
• Students will understand the purpose of academic advisement and course selection.
• Students will become familiar with the campus environment.
• Students will feel confident and excited about their decision to attend Indiana University East.
• Students and families will be familiar with faculty, staff, and students on campus.
• Families will gain comprehensive information on campus resources available to them and their student(s).
Day 1- Welcome Program and Freshers class Activities
Day 2 – Session by Dr. Malkar Sir About BBA-IB , Session by Prof. S.P.Ghodake About -Curriculum Planning
Day 3- Session By Dr. V.M.Tidake – Lets Build Nation , Session By Dr. A.R.Jaswal on Activity based Learning.
Day 4 & 5 By Throttle Pad 2.0 Bangalore

Day 1-Welcome Program

Day 2 Session by Dr. V.R.Malkar

Day 3- Session by Dr. V.M.Tidke

Day 4 &5-Induction Training by Trottle Pad 2.0 Bangalore

Thanks for the “Throtlle Pad 2.0” Bangalore, Principal SACS, HOD BBA-IB and Management of Sanjivani Group of Institutes, Kopargaon.