Department of Microbiology

About the Department

The department of Microbiology was started in 2013. The department offers an Undergraduate course B.Sc. Microbiology and Post Graduate course M.Sc. Microbiology. The department has well-equipped laboratories with all the necessary facilities to nurture students’ knowledge hunger and to make them competitive in the research world. Students perform research work in the labs and often publish their works in reputed journals. The Department has been recognized as a Ph.D. center by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, providing a good research laboratory facility & contributing with knowledgeable aspects.

The Department has established Plasmid Club, a platform to expose the hidden talent among students, through this club various activities are being conducted like Social Awareness Activities (Global Hand Washing Day, Antimicrobial Drug Resistance Awareness Campaign), International Microorganism Day and Birth Anniversary of Scientist as well as every year there is the formation of MSBI Students Unit through which students can participate in National and International level Competitions/ Seminars/ Workshops/Conferences/Training Programmes, etc. Department is organizing different industrial/field visits every year for providing an insight into the real working environment of the industry, develop the leadership, communication & socialization quality of the students, and establish a good relationship between the industry & academia.

Department is conducting short-term courses like Technology of probiotic dairy product development, Spirulina Cultivation and Processing Technology and assigning projects, which refers to learning both practical as well as theoretical skills, which opens up many doors of opportunities for students to learn about the specific industry in a short period of time. Guest lecture series, Expert Talk, Motivational Sessions, My Story Board, and I-Connect are also being conducted by the department every year. The curricular, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities are enhanced regularly for students to develop character, critical thinking, team building, and leadership skills.

The Principal of the College Dr. S. B. Dahikar who is a doctorate in Microbiology has the vision to bring out more innovative practices through his brilliant ideas. The Head of the department Dr. S. A. Bhutada has been serving the department since 2014 and has developed special skills among students making an interest in the subject more becoming competitive for the outside world. Other faculties include Mrs. R. D. Nagarkar, Miss. L. M. Mantala and Miss J. S. Pawar who are contributing to the department.


Promotion of human health through safe, efficacious and affordable microbiological inventions.


The mission is to produce students with current knowledge in the Microbiology and make them competitive for achieving various fellowships in India and Abroad. To produce students with social commitments and to contribute to the pursuit of knowledge by contributing meaningfully in the area of Microbiology research.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide our students with requisite knowledge and technical and scientific temper for appropriate development of Microbiology based skills.
  • To establish collaborative links with other Microbiology Society’s for the promotion of academic and research goals.
  • To produce highly skilled microbiologists capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century, thus providing highly qualified manpower for the Indian economy.