Inauguration Ceremony:

Inauguration of “Plasmid Club” was happened on 8 August 2017. Total 200 students participated in the event. The event was also associated with “Poster Presentation Competition”. The event started at 10AM in the morning. During the opening ceremony Dr. Kaustubh Bhoir was the Chief Guest along with Shri Sumitdada Kolhe and Shri. D. N. Sangale Sir.

Dr Kaustubh Bhoir talked with students about “The overuse of antibiotics in daily life” He also created awareness about Ayurved among students.

Poster Competition:

Total 105 students participated in Poster Competition from all classes and 35 posters and models were displayed. Dr. S K Vibhute and Dr. Vipul Patel did the work as Examiner for the competition.

Prize Distribution:

Prize distribution event started at 2.30PM. Winners were awarded with Certificate, Medal and trophy. Dr. S R Arote, Principal, Sanjivani ACS College, Kopargaon was the chief guest of the event.


  1. Ms. Ashwini Sanap (First prize)
  2. Ms. Shruti Khokale (Second prize)
  3. Ms. Shweta Kandekar (Second prize)
  4. Ms. Mukta Bansod (Third prize)
  5. Ms. Reshma Rajput (Third prize)
  6. Ms. Vrushali Gaikwad (Third prize)
  7. Ms. Kurhe Nutan (Consollation Prize)
  8. Ms. Nirgude Nikita (Consollation Prize)
  9. Ms. Deshmukh Nikita (Consollation Prize)
  10. Ms. Dahiwadkar Harshada (Consollation Prize)
  11. Mr. Shubham Aher (Consollation Prize)