Anti-Ragging Committee


S.N. Name  Designation
1 Dr. Samadhan B. Dahikar Chairman
2 Dr. Muktabai Shinde Member secretory
3 Mr. Yogesh P. Shinde Co -ordinator
4 Dr.Sarita Bhutada Member
5 Mr. Ganesh A. Phopase Member
6 Mr. Vishal R. Nimbolkar Member
7 Mr.  Ravindra N. Bankar Member

Broad Area of Work:

Prevention of Ragging in all its forms and enforcing discipline on college buildings and campus.

Powers and Duties:

  • To display bills/notices inviting complaints of threats and violence and ragging.
  • To hold enquiry within 24 hours in matters related to ragging.
  • Reporting to police the complaints of severe nature with prima facie truth.
  • Submit a report on the same day to the Principal in the event of violence/report of receiving ragging complaint and action taken.
  • To resolve, if any, disputes among the student groups.
  • To take all the necessary action to maintain strict discipline in college buildings and campus.
  • The members will collectively take a round of college campus randomly at least twice a week.
  • To display notices of Lost and Found and perform all the related work.
  • To seek police force during examination period, curricular events and all cultural events.
  • To help in maintaining healthy academic atmosphere in the college campus.
  • To submit report on the constitution of the committee to the University Anti-Ragging Cell.