Department of Mathematics

About the Department

The department of Mathematics was started in 2021. The department offers an Undergraduate course B.Sc. Mathematics The department has well-equipped computer laboratories with all the necessary facilities to nurture students’ knowledge.

The Department has established Pi-thon Club, a platform to expose the hidden talent among students, through this club various activities are being conducted

Naikwade Pooja has been serving the department since 2022 and has developed special skills among students making an interest in the subject more becoming competitive for the outside world.


“Inspiring mathematical excellence through curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Cultivating critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners in an inclusive and innovative environment. Empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to shape a better future through the transformative power of mathematics.”


“Fostering curiosity, deep understanding, and creative application of math. Nurturing analytical thinking, problem-solving, and lifelong learning. Promoting excellence, inclusivity, and ethical conduct for global success.”

Goals and Objectives

  • Excellence, critical thinking, innovation, collaboration, versatility, lifelong learning, ethics, inclusivity, community engagement, global impact.